It’s funny how
we all want to be loved
but not the one in love
because we’re afraid
of letting people in
but we don’t want to be
the one shut out
from the ones we care about.

No one wants to share their secrets
but we all want in
on the latest gossip.
We want to know
how many people trust us


7 deadly sins. put one in my ask.

  • Lust: Something that I find attractive.
  • Pride: Something that I like about myself.
  • Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.
  • Envy: Something I wish I was better at.
  • Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.
  • Wrath: Something that gets me angry.
  • Greed: Something I can’t get enough of.

Love Me


Your sensual touch.

Soft lips.

Sweet kiss.

The taste of ambition.

The feeling of endless love.

Our paths united for a reason.

Maybe for the continuous years of hot, rough sex.

Pelvic thrusting.

Steaming; panting; waiting to exhale.

You’re all my sweet dreams in one.

I don’t want to wake up.

Is this real?

Acknowledge me; show me you want it.

I want it.

Show me the way.

Blinded by a blur of desirements.

Wiping off the steam; I see you.

I see us.

Making a wish.

Be my shooting star.

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words cannot express

my love I feel for thee

I honestly need your
warmth holding me

without you I am nothing
I wouldn’t be here either

you make me smile
at my weakest

you make me cry
at my strongest

you keep me calm when
I’m most anxious

I feel high when
around you

I feel carefree when
around you

I can be myself
while I’m around you

you are my soul mate
you are my one

our love is like that one song
that’s constantly on replay

we were made for
each other

and I love you so
so so much


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When I First Laid Eyes On You

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you
Then and there I knew this love is true
Remember the day we promised that we will be together until the day that we die
I meant it, it was no lie, I fall deeper in love with you as every day goes by
Every time I feel the soft touch of your lips
I step into heaven but only for a glimpse
My love for you is at its peak, you’re the reason my heart still has its beat
Whenever you are present I fell so strong yet so weak
I promise I will always be there
I am the one when you’re scared or cold I’ll be their for you to hold
My heart is full of love ready to explode
I will be there whenever you are in need
Please trust me just take my hand and follow my lead
I will be there whatever the task big or small
I am the one to pick you up whenever you fall
Ever since the start I knew you were the on who held the keys to my heart
I never want us to be apart
Just keep in mind that your one of a kind
Whenever you need help, I don’t care it can be anywhere
I will always be there…
Diego Garibay


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My identity is not so simply,

Defined, you see, don’t label me,

You cannot see how it must be,

Back away from me, leave me be,

No labels to see, that I decree,

Filled with glee, or just angry,

More importantly, just being me.



I had this weird fever dream a while back.
Well, It wasn’t really a fever dream, more like a “you haven’t slept for 30 hours, here are some hallucinations” kind of dream. It really stuck with me and for some reason I’m compelled to share it with you guys.

There are so many different stories and…


Poetic Justice.


I used to laugh
when you told me 
"cars reflected their driver’s personality"
but then yours overheated
and the tires went flat.